Glenda Gym men's favorite hooded sweatshirts

(1) Maintain body temperature and avoid colds
, Improve sports performance autumn and winter fitness season, the most afraid of cold cold after training. Just after training, the body is often weak. If the cold wind blows at this time, the cold will start to be uncomfortable the next day, which will definitely affect the subsequent training, daily work and life. In the autumn and winter seasons, wearing a sweater during training will not lose your body temperature, which will also help you warm up and formally train. If you are in the cold gym, you will get cold during the training. The body immediately went down a bit to stimulate the body temperature, which could easily cause the state to deteriorate. Finally, I lamented: "What the hell are you practicing today?"

(2) Focus on training without interruption. Anyone who loves training knows that focusing on training to improve efficiency is the most important. A training should be the same as an efficient sprint, not a marathon. After a while, you can talk to someone nearby. Wear a sweater and a hat, and immerse yourself in each training to go beyond your own limits. "

(3) Of course, it is very important to wear a sweater to reveal a low-key handsome. "The traces of the muscles bulging under the sweater are low-key and pretentious. It is no better than wearing a tight-fitting clothes" high-end atmosphere "! Junior Xiaobai will treat you as an ordinary person who has never been trained and ignore it. And when the trainer sees you, this is the person who has been playing iron for several years. When you have a gap between the groups, you may want to learn something and make friends. You may train with your partners in the future. Why do I like to wear a sweater for fitness? How handsome is he? "

After a certain number of years, I don't want to wear a tights for fitness. I just want to finish my training with a low profile and quiet. At this time, it will enter a realm of philosophy, and training should be a philosophical thinking. Build your own figure, sculpt step by step, and go on an endless pursuit.

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