Glenda Fitness's Right Exercise Methods and Effects

1.How to replenish water during exercise?
Drink water before exercise, especially when doing exercise that consumes a lot of energy, in case you don't replenish water in time. Drink water from an hour to an hour and a half before exercise.
For general exercise, drink water. If the intensity of exercise is more than 3 hours, it is recommended to drink milk, yogurt, and functional drinks, which can supplement sodium and calcium lost with sweat, and also provide energy to help the body recover.
It is recommended to drink water every 15-20 minutes. Each person sweats differently during exercise, and the amount of water to be replenished is different, as long as he does not feel thirsty. Generally speaking, people who sweat easily are better to add 110-170 milliliters of water every 15-30 minutes, about 10-15 small mouthfuls.

2.Core exercise
The core people who are good at training will not be bad.
The so-called "core" is the middle part of the human body, that is, the area below the shoulder joint and above the hip joint, including the pelvis. It is a whole formed by the waist, pelvis, and hip joints, and contains 29 muscles.
The core muscle group is responsible for stabilizing the center of gravity and transmitting power, and is the main link of overall force. It plays a pivotal role in the movement and exertion of the upper and lower limbs. The strong core muscle group plays a stable and supportive role in body posture, motor skills and special technical movements in sports.
Therefore, whoever has a beautiful and upright posture, strong physical control and balance, the core muscle group must be well trained.

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