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Many people are very confused on the way to fitness, especially those who have just started to contact fitness. Most of them have failed in the end! So what is the knowledge of fitness?

I Will Share 2Knowledge Points on Today(GLENDA

1.Many women do n’t know what is strength training
Strength training refers to the exercise method of improving the strength, endurance, and shape of muscle groups through multiple times, multiple groups, and rhythmic weight-bearing exercises.
Different exercises, exercise groups, and weights will produce different results. For example, in order to improve muscle endurance and increase muscle elasticity, we should use training methods that carry a small amount of weight.
Strength training is mainly anaerobic exercises, such as weight squats, push-ups, barbell rowing and other exercises. However, we can use the light weight, multiple times, and multiple sets of cycle exercises to give it the advantages of aerobic exercise. The lactic acid produced by anaerobic metabolism can be used again to reduce muscle discomfort. GLENDA warm reminder: Take good protective measures for strength training. Wear comfortable fitness sportswear and sports equipment.

2.Running makes you younger
Regular exercise not only keeps you healthy, it also makes you look younger.
Glenda fitness factors: Do not exercise when you are in your 20s, you will be old after 35, so exercise early. The simplest exercise is to run once every other day, one hour each time. As long as you persist for one year, you will be pleasantly surprised to find that the body fat is reduced and the belly fat is gone. .

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